FlightPath 7.x-7.x-rc1

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Bug fixes and new features
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Made modifications to install.php so that bare-domain installs go more smoothly.

Fixed warnings for PHP 8.2

Added PHP version to System status page.

Removed more warnings which appear in PHP 8.2.

Added extra help (and the way that fp_get_js_alert() function shows a ? link) for selecting a catalog year from
the admin console.

Fixed issues with installation.

Fixed spot where theme was defaulting to "fp6_clean"

Made modifications to the default banner to bring in a consistent style.

Updated README.txt for information re: the silk icon set.


Added new constants to bootstrap.inc, indicating location of jquery and jquery ui. This lets us update
either of those files/locations later on, without disrupting custom scripts.

Modification to SMTP module to add MessageID to sent emails.

General cleanup of old files.