FlightPath 6.x-6.18

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Bug fixes and new features
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Made further modifications to the Advisor Use report, adding the ability to select only unique student advisings.

Modified style.css to allow for shorter (less wide) select lists.

Added "spinner" graphic to submit button for FlightPath Use Summary and other reports that use the date range select form.

Modified FlightPath Use Summary to use Advisor Use results for better accuracy.

Made modifications to watchdog entries when an advising session is saved (to contain the advising session token).

Made changes to the Advisor Use report to show number of advisings per term.

Made it so pages can request that "messages" (from fp_add_message) are not shown, by adding ?fp_messages=none to the URL. Useful in iframes.

Modified stats.module, so that the "FlightPath Use Summary" report looks at "display_dashboard" to determine logins,
rather than "login" entries in the watchdog table, as that is not an accurate count if the user used SAML or LDAP to
log in.

Also modified this report to no longer display "mobile" user counts, as this is deprecated and will not be used
in the future.

Fixed minor issue with the way URLs were being displayed in the location and ref fields when viewing a watchdog entry.

Gave lassie module the ability to disable "maintenance mode" when a job fails. See lassie modules'
README.txt file for details.

Added advisingTermId and all fp_advising variables to javascript settings when viewing a student.

Added advising_term_id to the render array when rendering an advising view screen.