FlightPath 6.x-6.15.1

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Bug fixes and new features
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Fixed bug which was introduced in last version to the piechart engine, which made it stop working.

Fixed bug in user module, which prevented manually creating staff users.

Edited pChart library to use new __construct() instead of class name for constructor functions. This made it compatible with PHP 8.0.
Also changed "var" keyword to "public" for variables, and set them to NULL instead of array(), especially since some of them
are actually supposed to be objects.

Made various other clean-up changes to make compatible with PHP 8.0.

Continued work to make compatible with PHP 8.0.

Cleaned up Administrator's Toolbox (courses) to make it cleaner. Also fixed bug where it was not showing where
a course was assigned.

Continuing work to increase compatibility with PHP 8.0.

Added code to increase compatibility with PHP 8.0.

Changed "Login" button to "Log in" to be consistent with English rules.

Added more options for TinyMCE, including links and the ability to resize the editor.

Clarified instructions for default advising term.

Improved documentation for definitions.