FlightPath 6.x-6.15

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Bug fixes and new features
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For the _fp_error_handler() function, made it so the $msg saved to watchdog (and possibly emailed)
is no more than 10,000 characters.

Fixed bug in lassie_cron() where we were not getting the most recent "last check" correctly. It was causing
us to check for long-running jobs on every cron run, rather than no more than once every 45 minutes (as intended).

Added function get_faculty_email() to db.inc file.

Modified email that engagements sends out, so that the link is wrapped in tag.

Moved $system_name variable in engagements so it is available when receiving unknown text messages.

Fixed bugs when creating an altert from engagements (when receiving unknown text message).

Added ability to set breadcrumbs on content view.

Working on what happens when an unknown number sends a text message. It should send a notification
to appropriate recipient, and save message as an Alert.

Re-arranging in popup course description how we show that the db_grade is different than the assigned grade. Only
applies when we've made a modification due to the grade being numeric. We will now show the original numeric grade first.

Fixed bug where + was being converted to a space when passed through the URL for Course::to_data_string(). Using a replacement text now.

Added additional code to help prevent issues when invalid courses are defined in group definitions.