FlightPath 6.x-6.14.1

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Bug fixes and new features
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Fixed bug in install.php where we were not correctly setting up our GLOBALS['pdo'] object, causing fresh installs to fail.

Fixed bug in system.module, where when we try to first store our serialized course cache, it incorrectly shows a permission error (because
the file has 0 bytes).

Fixed bug in alerts.install, one of the queries to create a table was invalid.

Fixed bug in Masquerade module where it wasn't allowing users to search by CWID.

Added caching when fetching school name or code by id.

Removed "department" from faculty table.

Added indexes to student_degrees table.

Fixed the "Advisor Use" report to pull department correctly.

Adjusted the "Major Counts" report to not show school code if schools module not enabled.

Altered the "Major Counts" report to show all degree levels (1, 2 and 3) not just 1 and 2.