FlightPath 6.x-6.12

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Bug fixes and new features
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Made small alteration in DegreePlan, so that if a degree title is blank, we don't see a message like "This groups belongs to" (with no degree
title) in the Courses Added by Advisor group.

Made content module handle checkboxes a little better. Instead of saving as serialized array, it saves as a string which can be queried
using LIKE. A little cumbersome, but better than if it is serialized.

Added concept of "admin_restricted" to permissions. If set, then it will only appear for the admin user (user_id = 1). This way
you can give the "edit permissions" permission to users and still not let them access the potentially dangerous areas.

Masquerade will not allow a user to become admin (user id 1).

Fixed logic in advise module where number of advised students for a particular course were not being calculated correctly.

Tweaks in user.module to make custom attributes more configurable.

Changed wording of setting in system.module.

Modified user.module so that defining user attributes is easier; it will assume it's a textfield and name "value" if no field or
display information is given.

Modified function csv_multiline_to_array to make it smarter and not throw warnings so easily.

Modified the email sent out by a db_error to include the query/args, to make it easier to debug.

Removed jquery ui's package.json file to prevent github from flagging unsafe dependencies (which are not being used)

If a semester block is empty, we do not show it on the degree / what if tabs.