FlightPath 6.x-6.11.1

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Bug fixes and new features
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Made it so that the theme always defaults to fp6_clean (included with core), and it is not set in the settings file. Got rid of the
"display_mysql_errors" line in settings.php, since it is not used any longer anyway.

Added code to lengthen timeout during cron runs.

Added code to content module to delete content (and files) marked with delete_flag = 1. Same for advise module, admin, and comments modules.

Fixed bug to where if you try to view content which doesn't exist, we go to a 404 error.

Removed getting variables in settings.php file. Instead, they will be "lazy-loaded" as-needed. Altered stats module to make sure to use variable_get() syntax
instead of trying to load directly from globals array.

Added extra permission to prereqs module, so that you can only override locks on courses if you have permission.

Adjusted the "locked but checked" icon for courses in prereqs, to make the check a little more obvious.

Removing alerts (from the confirm remove dialog screen) shows spinner icon when clicking button.

Upgraded included PHPMailer library from 6.0 to 6.6 to take advantage of newer code with security enhancements.

Fixed bug where files being emailed were not being decrypted BEFORE being sent as email, making them unreadible to the recipient.

Added extra classes to engagements for text messages, to say which phone number the message was being sent from and to. This should help with styling if you want
to have different colors or other styles based on what phone line it was sent to or from.

Removed concept of trying to "preload" a set number of courses on login. This is now handled in a more elegant way.

Added link to schools help page to schools module settings page.

Added "Loading" dialog when you search and receive a single student.

Changed "Advisee Alerts" tab to say just "Alerts".

Placed all db connection code in settings.php, and put the pdo into GLOBALS, so we only make 1 database connection per page load.

Added more messages on login page for if login failed (admin user is only one allowed, students not allowed, etc).

Using font awesome question-circle icon for popup_description link instead of regular question mark. Also used margin to add a little more spacing.

Adjusted weights to better alphabetize the admin console menu items.

Added new silk icons to system module directory.

Added ability to have "pseudo" opt-groups for checkboxes fields, where checkboxes can be grouped
the same way select lists can, in a multi-dimensional array.

Added small bit of code to advise.module to stop notice/warning from happening.

Added extra classes to tabs and sub-tabs to make them targetable by CSS.

Added extra classes to History tab sections to make them more targetable by CSS.

Added extra class to section titles to include machine-readable versions of the title, for CSS.

Similarly added to student files module to make CSS styling easier.

Fixed a subtle bug where if a course was being advised to take in a group that was split between two different semesters,
it was possible that it would attempt to be saved into the first semester num of the group's first appearance.

Minor change in System. When trimming watchdog table of DEBUG statements, made sure that "max age" was an int using intval().

Fixed bug in core's course search edit submit, where it would never work. Probably a result of my recent work.

Adjusted look of textareas in form elements to have similar rounded corners and such as text fields.

Added hook to course_search, so that other modules can modify the "course not scheduled" result. See new file course_search.api.php.

For the pager_query() functionality, look for value in $_REQUEST instead of just $_GET.

Added hook to course_search, so that other modules can modify the "course rotation schedule". See new file course_search.api.php.