FlightPath 6.x-6.9

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Bug fixes and new features
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Added new column to content__engagement: to_sms_phone. This is so we can keep up with what number this txt message was sent TO. Useful for
schools with more than one number. Only applies to engagement type txt_msg.

Added a message on engagements screen when a sent txt message is not delivered.

Altered "engagements received" tab (under alerts) to show txt messages sent to us even though they may not be our advisee. This is based on
phone numbers which we are marked as should receive notifications for.

Added new tab to the Alerts (bell icon) page. Engagements (txt or email) sent by student.

Made it so the bell icon badge is recalculated every 1 second to 20 minutes (based on a system setting).

Fixed a bug to where when you logged a received email, it actually SENT the email to the student's address. Same for SMS.

Fixed bug in media.css where it was causing some things to be scrunched up.

Made it so the notification (when you receive a txt from a student) says what number/line name they sent it to.

Made is to that the student_activity record that is created when we receive a txt message states what number/line it was sent to.

Sometimes we get "7BIT" code issues in email bodies, where things like a non-breaking space appears as =C2=A0. Added functionality
to convert to standard HTML instead.

Fixed bug where if you do not have any advisees, you should see nothing on the "Advisee Activities" tab. Same for Advisee Engagements tab.

Added ability to have replacement patterns in menu item titles. Good for changing values in tabs.

Minor tweaking to working and examples in hook.api.php.

Modified alerts module to report how many unread alerts there on on tab.

More work on the alerts bell "badge" logic.

Minor tweaks to CSS

Preparing to enable "basge" functionality for the alerts bell.

Created a new hook "hook_get_alert_count_by_type()" which will let a module declare the total, read, and unread
counts of *something* (probably content), we we can decideif we need to place a badge on the bell icon at the top of
the screen.

Created new functions in misc.inc to interact with the hook, as well as a change to content when we set the "last access"
value, as well as when we create, edit, or delete any content.

Fixed bug where we were checking the wrong permission for adding and editing content from the content page.

Fixed bug in content module such that you could only have a "file" field if it was named "attachment". Also added
the ability to have more than one file field per content form.

Added a little extra styling for form fields in content forms.

Made it so if a numeric grade is supplied with MID at the end, it is converted to a letter grade with MID at the end.

Added new function, fp_confirm(), which is meant to work with fp_get_js_confirm_link() to create a modal confirm popup,
instead of native javascript popup. From same creator as the fp_alert() dropin replacement.

Fixed bug where student name was being used instead of faculty name when sending a txt message via Engagements.

Also fixed bug where if student has no number, it was showing that they had opted-out, which was not necessarily true.

Added extra spans and css styling when showing pie charts.

Changed delete links on History tab to use simple "X" from font-awesome, both
for advising and student files.

Changed queries for advising history to look up "groups" of advising sessions by advising_session_token.

Added ability in creating a confirm link (in misc.php) to have a link title
so something appears when you hover over link.

When drawing pie charts, use base_url() instead of function base_path() to use the pchart library. Added more CSS class to make it easier to theme later.

Fixed bug where draft mode was no longer accessible.

Fixed several bugs where school_id was not being taken into account with regard to track selection.

Fixed FlightPath::get_all_courses_in_catalog_year()-- noticed that it was hard-coded to only return undergrad courses. Added
a boolean to change that.

Tweaked logic to function that "balances" the student profile attributes.

Added new function: db_get_user_id_from_user_name()

Added ability to change site logo (in system settings).

Added "powered by FlightPath Academics" to bottom of page template.

Correcting if statements checking for if hours < 1 to if hours == 0, since some courses at some
schools may be less than 1 hour.