FlightPath 6.x-6.8

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Bug fixes and new features
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Changed the 404 error to log as "page_not_found" type, instead of "system", as it shows up quite a bit in the logs and can be
difficult to sift through for valid system messages.

Updated Lassie message to show time in site's default timezone.

Fixed bug where degrees, groups, and courses not in school 0 were showing up (and causing problems) when the schools
module was turned off. Changed the logic so that when schools module is not enabled, we will only be shown school=0.

Added "date" as element type for form api.

Added new hook to user module, allowing us to change the display value of a user attribute.

Tweaked function to "balance" the profile items on a page.

Minor edit: cleared up wording for mass sms permission.

Fixed bug where mass txt was not possible except for admin user because
we were checking the wrong permission.

Small change to fp_space_csv function, to reduce double-spaces.

Fixed bug in course search edit, where it was not showing terms correctly based on school_id.

Added extra message to schools module.

Added ability to have user editable attributes for other users. Must set permission. See user.api.php for help
on how to "register" these custom attributes.

Added ability to register and edit user attributes from the student profile page. Saves automatically to the user_attributes table. Created user.api.php
to help illustrate how the hook works.

The user module also automatically adds permissions for new attributes.

Added a convenience function to help "balance" the profile_items array between leftside and rightside, so we can easily "push" items onto it and
they automatically fall into place.

Modified content.module to make sure a specific bug didn't happen where redirections might not be seen, as well
as added strip_tags() to values read directly from $_REQUEST.

Fixed bug in group definitions, where if there was a blank line, or somehow a course with no subject_id, it could cause a problem.

Removed extraneous testing functions.

Added to logged 404 and 403 errors, added the location to the msg so it shows in the watchdog view.

Added function to course_search to get capacity for particular course.

Updated system to add more indexes to advising tables.

Fixed bug where "public files" tab was showing on all "add" content screens.

Changed verbage so that SMS text messages change from "TXT" to "Text messages" throughout FlightPath modules.

Implemented new setting in GUI to opt-out of receiving text messages.

Implemented opting-out of text messages if user replies STOP. Opting back in if they send UNSTOP or SUBSCRIBE.

Removed accidental hard-coded signalwire setting.

Implemented change to sms_history table so we can also track error messages and delivery status.

Only update SMS record (in sms_history table) if price or err_code value changed.

Added extra watchdog (debug) statements for when cron starts and stops.

Added numerous new watchdog() statements to better track admin actions, like creating and deleting degrees, groups, etc.

Made the default time to delete watchdog debug statements 1 year instead of 90 days.

Made the default time to delete normal watchdog statements 3 years instead of 1.5 years.

Always add a "text STOP to opt-out" type message to the end of every sms message.

Altered encounters SMS settings to let user specify which phone numbers are specifically for mass text messages. The
mass text messaging form will only select those.

Added ability to send arguments to fp_goto() as an array.

Added ability to install Zoom (if zoomapi module is enabled) from login form.

Changed position of email address question in install.php

Fixed bug in content module where attributes field in db data content_files wasn't being created on install.