FlightPath 6.x-6.7.1

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New features
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Added new permission just for clearing system cache (was using administer_modules, which isn't really the same thing)

Added ability in public files to replace existing filename if it already exists.

Changed course popup description to note when a student was enrolled in a course, vs. just showing the enrolled
grade (ex: "E").

Added extra verbage to cli.php to make it clear it should be run as the webserver user.

Added new base_url() function.

Created new concept of "public files" which users may upload to a special directory under /custom/files/content_uploads/public_uploads. This screen is on a subtab
from the normal Content screen, and allows users to upload and delete files (with allowed extensions) for use outside of FlightPath, or when linking
to CSS or other files from within settings.

Added new indexes to watchdog table for faster reporting.

Fixed typo in descriptions in encryption module.

Updated cli.php to also allow db updates from the command line, as well as display help if no arguments
are sent, or if ?, -h, --help, or help or sent.