FlightPath 6.x-6.5

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Bug fixes and new features
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Fixed error in engagements where test name was being shown as author of engagement.

Small modifications to media.css.

Added a README.txt file under custom/themes so that the themes folder will be created upon install.

Implemented multi-factor authentication (via email) for local users. The user can also choose to have their device "remembered" for 30 days, so they are not asked to
re-authenticate every time. This will only work for local users with email addresses saved. Users with no email address, or users using LDAP, SSO, etc, will not
be prompted to enter MFA code.

Added convenience string functions like str_starts_with() to misc.inc, if not included. These are implemented in PHP 8; they are here for users not running PHP 8.

Added admin email address as a required field in the initial install script for FlightPath.