FlightPath 6.x-6.4.1

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Bug fixes and new features
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Fixed bug where advising snapshot (on dashboard) wasn't taking all advisees into account, only the first 20. Simultaneously added
code to allow for more than 20 student results at a time. Previously 20 was hard-coded, not a variable.

Converted the "Contact the FlightPath Production Team" popup window into a dialog.

For the content type "schedule_unavailable_time", changed the ics url field to a textarea and text (in mysql) to be able to handle URLs longer than 255 chars.

Fixed bug in install process where current schema of modules were not being set, causing the user to be told they need to run db updates even
on first install.

Enable almost all core modules on initial install.

Modified smtp module so that if we send a blank message it will just not send (but log it) rather than show an error message.