FlightPath 6.x-6.4

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Bug fixes and new features
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Added "spinner" to submit button for duplicating an entire year of degree data.

Watchdog page converted to use sortable table and pager query. Also added severity as column.

Fixed bug in major students progress report (wasn't paying attention to school properly)

Fixed bug where if student's school wasn't set correctly, it would look it up upon object creation.

Gave "clear all cache" its own permission.

Cleaning up CSS.

Added concept of "capacity" to course_search module (stored per-term in the course_rotation_schedule table). Also added extra CSS when editing course schedule

Fixed bug in course_search module where the filter for "view courses offered" (and you select the term) was not working as expected
in all situations, because it was not taking the school_id into account.

Made the users module filter selection more intuitive. For example, the school selection, and the behavior when you search
for a particular name, while a school is selected. Plus, made sure not to reset ALL filters if you select a letter. For example,
you can now select a school, and then select by letters to see the students/users in that school. The Major pulldown also gets altered
based on selected school. Also changed the order of the sub tabs so that Student Users comes second.