FlightPath 6.x-6.3

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Bug fixes and new features
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Added a new "how to customize" folder and custom theme which inherits from fp6_clean theme. It also includes instructions
in a README file for copying the theme to your /custom/theme folder and overriding CSS styles.

Added ability to designate notification recipients for when a student sends an SMS to a specific line (advisors will *always* receive
such notifications from their advisees). This is a setting on the admin/user page for faculty-staff members only.

Added new concept to textareas with a maxlength set. It will now by default show the character count up to the max.

Completed sending mass txt messages with Engagements, and getting back results in a CSV.

Made alteration to student_search so that if you have schools enabled, and search for a major within a school, you only see results for that
school. Also, fixed bug where if more than one school had the same major code, it was skipping over them.

Fixed some malformed HTML in the user module causing placeholder text to look weird.

Fixed a bug by adding permission to schools, to permit a user to edit users/students from a particular school.

Minor change in admin.module to fix typo.

Implemented sending mass text messages function as part of the Engagements

Fixed bug in notify module, where the notification history table wasn't created.

Added permissions on a per-phone number level for sending SMS messages.

Engagements show which department/description the SMS was sent to or from on the main screen.

Made changes to engagements schema, so that we can track the SMS number a txt message was sent from, as well as the sms message id, in the table.

Made change to content_versions table schema, so we have the option of saving a "log" message with the content. This is accomplished by entering:
$content->log = "some text here";
before calling content_save($content);

Working on Engagements' ability to have multiple numbers on account they can receive SMS from.

Fixed bug in Engagements, where it was not showing attached files correctly from SMS.

Changed how we handle incoming SMS messages to better catch "real time" messages.

Cleaned up code in various places.

Fixed bug in Engagements where date_sent was not in correct format. Also fixed old code which was causing a PHP syntax error for txt messages.

Added function db_get_cwid_from_user_id() to db.inc file.

Added missing function engagements_handle_incoming_sms() to engagements to stop 404 error, though at the moment this function is just
a placeholder, and might be removed in the future.

Upon system install, correctly get the modules' schema from their .info file, so we aren't told we need to run updates right off the bat.

Made changes to content module, so that we keep track of each version's author (user_id), but the original
user_id in the content table doesn't get overwritten. This lets admin edit an existing piece of content, for example,
without us losing track of who the original author was, or who the author is of each version.

Added some extra CSS to Advising Screen, for the table rows containing the pie charts. Should make it easier
to selectively hide or show them for future CSS devs.

Added a "view combined" link on History for advisings of multiple terms, so you can see all the selections on
one screen.

Added new column to "advising_sessions", called "advising_session_token". It is the same value when we advise for
1 or more terms. It makes it easier to get a list of all the terms that were advised at the same time, and possibly can
be useful in the future for other modules.