FlightPath 6.x-6.2

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Bug fixes and new features
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Made it so the db updates system uses the Batch API so it won't timeout over long update jobs.

Made it so that the watchdog "message" column is "longtext" instead of just "text". Same for announcements, alerts, and other core modules' tables.
This was to prevent users from entering more than 65kb of text in a single field, something that was indeed a possibility, especially in the watchdog
table when debugging complex datatypes. The decision was made to either use blob or "longtext" from now on, instead of "text", as it can store up to
4gb of data, with only a 2 byte increase in overhead over "text".

Modified content module so we only look for content whose modules are enabled. This was done
to prevent a PHP warning message, and to prevent strange behavior if we tried to edit previously
submitted content.

Made minor edit to batch test routine to better illustrate how limits work.

Altered weights in dashboard render array for consistency.

Increased weight of submit and delete buttons in content module.

Made it so custom content types' add form is automatically allowed up to 4 additional wildcards in the menu, for future module
developers to make use of, if desired.

Fixed bug in the way form submissions were handled, which caused problems if you were depending on wildcards in URL during form submission.

Fixed bug in Content module where editing content for non-admin wasn't working.

Fixed bug in Content module to skip over markup fields.

Wrapped some strings in announcements with t().

Converted system dashboard to use render array system so other modules can modify it.

Made it so that we can pass strings in a render array for simplicity (they appear as plain html markup)

Weights in elements can be floats now, instead of only ints.

Made it so that What If selection screen will show grad degree options if the student belongs to a grad rank other than 'GR' by checking
setting first. Also re-worded the description of that school setting for clarity.