FlightPath 4.x-4.5

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Bug fixes and new features
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IMPORTANT: FlightPath now includes the pChart library (pchart.net) and makes use of it to draw its pie charts. This is a change from previous versions, which used Google's chart API to draw the pie charts. Since Google is shutting down its chart API in 1 year, this change was required.

This means, though, that now the GD php libraries are required. It is likely that your installation of PHP already has the GD libraries installed, but if not, make sure to install them before upgrading to this version of FlightPath.


Fixed display bug in course_search.module where hours had trailing zeros.

Added ability to change the course repeat policy for FlightPath, as explained here:

Removed hard-coded value for withdrew grade (W) and added a new setting to the School data form,
where you can specify which grade(s) are considered "withdrew".

Modified toolbox screen in _AdvisingScreen, also had hard-coded grades for which should show up
in red. Changed to be the "retake" grades.

Fixed bug where courses and groups (with requirement type 'x') weren't being ignored from
hour counts specifically.

Added the ability to specify what the "requirement types" are in the system, instead of
the static "c", "m", "s", and "e". This is now controlled through the School data settings

Fixed a bug in misc.inc, fp_get_js_alert_link() where the $link_text value was being ignored.

Any requirement type specified with a "u" in front (ex: um, uc, ug, etc) will be considered
a "University Capstone" course.

Added the ability to specify which requirement types are to be displayed as pie charts,
on the School data settings form.

To get ahead of Google Charts API shutting down in one year, I've incorporated the GPLv3
project, pChart, into FlightPath. A segment of it now resides in the /inc/pchart directory,
and this is how the pie charts are to be drawn from now on. This way, too, FlightPath doesn't
require an outside connection to draw the pie charts. It does require that the PHP GD libraries
are installed, however.

Improved the "Majors" pulldown search on the student_search module, to include concentrations
in the list. Also re-ordered how the majors are displayed (alphabetical by title).

Altered the "classic" theme which comes with FlightPath so that it relies more heavily on
CSS, which can be tweaked much more easily than by manipulating the theme PHP files.

Introduced the idea of themes having .info files, like modules. At the moment they are
not used, but one day they will likely be used with an admin settings page to let a user
select & configure a theme through point and click.

Created a "basic" theme which ships with FlightPath, and lacks most of the graphical elements
in the classic theme. This is meant to be a starter theme to help schools customize from
a mostly-blank canvas.