FlightPath 4.x-4.4.5

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Bug fixes and new features
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Added a system to create a dummy query string which gets added when we include css or js files,
and gets reset to a new random value when we clear the cache or install a new module. This prevents
the browser from caching pages even though we've made changes and clear the cache. Got the idea
(like so much else) from Drupal. system module, AdvisingScreen class, and the default theme files were

Added a new setting to the system settings form, to control how long we keep watchdog entries.
In system_cron, we will delete any watchdog entry older than the selected time. Default is
1.5 years.

Changed the "random_id" generated for every Course object to use mt_rand() instead of rand(),
as it is slightly faster in certain situations.

Tweaked the wording in the default settings.php which is generated on first installation.

Some servers/browsers do not allow very long names for html input elements, which FlightPath
sometimes uses. So, measures were taken in this update to reduce the length of hidden
element names. This shouldn't affect the functionality of FlightPath for most users.
Changes were made to _FlightPath, _AdvisingScreen, and advise.js.