FlightPath 4.x-4.4.2

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Bug fixes and new features
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Added rounding logic to FlightPath class, when applying subs, to compensate for weird floating point
arithmetic errors. Adjusted it and Student class to round to 6 places, instead of 5.

Added ability to filter by role in the User management module. Also did some minor display tweaking
to make things fit better.

Fixed a minor bug in User module, where the list of students would select a major code if a search
were performed. Due to re-use of a variable name.

Fixed a bug in CourseList and FlightPath classes where GPA and hours wasn't being calculated correctly,
especially for subs split more than once.

Added a new hook to AdvisingScreen class, after build_screen_elements(), so other modules
can hook in and add to the screen once that function is called. See advise.module's listing
for hook_advise_build_screen_elements() for description and example of use.