FlightPath 6.x-6.0-rc3

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Bug fixes and new features
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Added the school_id and school_code to body class when viewing students. The idea is to help CSS developers down the road.

Cleaned up some on-screen messaging when changing terms.

Added "spinner" property to apply draft changes button, changed description text as well.

Fixed bug in editing group definitipns where it was not respecting the new setting which allows "default" courses as well.
Also it was not properly disabling the Required Courses textarea, as it was using a String and not an Array for attributes.

Made it so that when setting attributes on a form element, it must always be in the form of an array. Updated various files
throughout FlightPath to make sure that was the case.

Added new file, cli.php. It's a command-line-only file. At the moment, all it can do is clear the system's cache, but more commands
will be added eventually.