FlightPath 4.x-4.3.2

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Bug fixes and new features
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Added Content-Type meta tags to classic theme template files, specifying the charset as UTF-8, for

Altered menu.inc functions so that, after retrieving from the DB, menu items have their titles and
descriptions run through the t() function, so they can be translated at run-time.

Altered the fpm() command in misc.inc to output strings with htmlentities(), if FALSE is passed with fpm().
Ex: fpm("Hey", FALSE); will output the , instead of actually making the string bold.

Tweaked format_date() function to let it default to the current time, if none is specified.

Fixed bug in form submission, where if a file field was required, it failed validation every time.

Tweaked _DatabaseHandler.php. Now, if a mysql error is reported which shows that the connection
to the database has been lost, execution of the script will terminate immediately (with a friendly
error message displayed to the user). This is to prevent email recipients from being spammed
by error messages if the server crashes (or goes offline) in the middle of a script with lots
of queries to execute.

Tweaked _Student.php, load_student_tests. If a test code wasn't yet in the standardized_tests
table, the query failed (because of a join). Now, we will show test scores for anything in the
student_tests table, even if there is no description in standardized_tests. It just shows the code
itself in that case.