5.x _Course.php _Course::get_degree_details_data_string($property_name)

Returns back an array from our details_by_degree array, for a given property name, like: $arr[DEGREE_ID] = $val Useful in the to_data_string function

1 call to _Course::get_degree_details_data_string()
_Course::to_data_string in classes/_Course.php
This function will create a "data string" of the course. Think of it as a poor man's serialize. I can't actually use serialize, as I have to call this for every course on the screen, and the page load time was too long when using…


classes/_Course.php, line 652




function get_degree_details_data_string($property_name) {
  $arr = array();

  foreach ($this->details_by_degree_array as $degree_id => $temp) {
    if (isset($temp[$property_name])) {
      $arr[$degree_id] = $temp[$property_name];

  return $arr;