5.x ObjList.php ObjList::reset_counter()
4.x ObjList.php ObjList::reset_counter()
9 calls to ObjList::reset_counter()
_CourseList::find_first_selectable in classes/_CourseList.php
Returns the first course in the list which the user may select for advising. This method is used by the popup window to determine what exactly is the first element of the course list. (so it can make that radio button checked).
_CourseList::has_any_course_selected in classes/_CourseList.php
Returns TRUE if there is at least one course in this list which is selected (for advising).
_CourseList::mark_as_displayed in classes/_CourseList.php
Mark every course in this list as bool_has_been_displayed = true. Used for making sure we don't display the same course twice on screen.
_CourseList::remove_duplicates in classes/_CourseList.php
Removes null's and duplicate courses from the list.
_CourseList::remove_excluded in classes/_CourseList.php
Removes excluded courses from the list (courses that have db_exclude == 1)

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classes/ObjList.php, line 87




function reset_counter() {
  $this->i = 0;
  $this->count = count($this->array_list);