function Course::get_count_details_by_degree

6.x Course.php Course::get_count_details_by_degree($property_name, $check_for_specific_value = NULL)
7.x Course.php Course::get_count_details_by_degree($property_name, $check_for_specific_value = NULL)

Return back a count from ANY degree for this property name.

6 calls to Course::get_count_details_by_degree()
Course::get_bool_exclude_repeat in classes/Course.php
Returns TRUE or FALSE if this course has been marked as exclude_repeat. Specify a degree_id to be more specific. Use -1 to mean "ANY" degree?
Course::get_bool_outdated_sub in classes/Course.php
Course::get_bool_substitution in classes/Course.php
Similar to the functions regarding display, these will say if this course has been used in a substitution for a particular degree.
Course::get_bool_substitution_new_from_split in classes/Course.php
Course::get_bool_substitution_split in classes/Course.php

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classes/Course.php, line 413




function get_count_details_by_degree($property_name, $check_for_specific_value = NULL) {
  $c = 0;
  foreach ($this->details_by_degree_array as $degree_id => $temp) {
    if (isset($temp [$property_name])) {

      if ($check_for_specific_value !== NULL) {
        // We want to SKIP if this property does not have this specific value
        if ($temp [$property_name] !== $check_for_specific_value) {

  return $c;