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install.php problem

I've downloaded flightpath 4.4.5 and installed it on Ubuntu linux with Apache 2.2.22-6ubuntu2.4 and after clicking through the install.php screen that asks for user information I receive the following error:

Not Found

The requested URL /flightpath/install-finished was not found on this server.

Any idea as to the cause?


Sorry for the delay in responding. It looks to me like it's caused by the "clean urls" not working.

To make that work, FlightPath uses an .htaccess file in its root directory, but Apache must be configured to "allow overrides" in that directory as well.

I had a similar problem on an Ubuntu test server I was working on once.

See this page:

At the bottom, I describe how to set up Apache to work with the Clean URLs. See if that works for you.

Please let me know if you are still having trouble.


That was the answer! Thank-you.

No problem, glad to help!

For what it's worth, I added a new check in the install.php, to check for clean url support upon install. Hopefully it will catch any other folks that have a similar problem in the future.


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