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Repeat hours

When I create a new course in FP and enter 0 for repeat hours and click save, FP returns with the same number of hours min and max. If I look at the raw data it is correct. When I recall the course through search it is wrong again. Any ideas?


Well, I think it depends on what you are trying to do. If the course simply shouldn't be repeated, you should set the "repeat hours" to the same as the min hours, which I think is what it's trying to do in the UI. It probably should save it that way too-- it's a bug on my part if it is not.

The name "repeat hours" probably isn't a great name for it, but what it means is, this value is the limit at which FlightPath will stop looking for additional courses and applying credit.

Setting it lower than the min should be OK, actually. FlightPath won't segment up the hours; it just knows that if you've met or exceeded the repeat hours for a course, than any older *repeats* of the course will be ignored.

I hope I'm making sense.

Let me give you an example:

Student A took BIOL 101 (3hrs) twice. In 2010, they made a C. They retook it in 2014 and made an A.

So, if BIOL 101 has hours like this:
min: 3, max: 3, repeat: 3
Then we will end up only using the 2014 course, where they made an A.
The C will be ignored, and not used in any slot on the degree plan.
(I believe min:3, max:3, repeat: 1 will also work just fine, since the course is worth at least 1 hour. But out of convention, I would just make it match the other hours).

But, if BIOL 101 has hours like this:
min: 3, max: 3, repeat: 6
Then we will use BOTH attempts at BIOL 101 on the degree plan, because this course is allowed to be repeated for credit.


After reading the help screen that is included with repeat hours, it all makes since now. I would say I made it more complex than I needed too. The brain is starting to burn.


No problem, I freely admit it's more than a little confusing ;)


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