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FlightPath Terms

Can you explain briefly the flightpath terms? 200940 what is the 40, 60,80. Is there enough flexibility to change it to more closely resemble ours?


Sure thing. I just created a documentation page to help describe how the term codes work (as well as other settings), and how to configure FP to use your school's codes:

In general, yes, there should be flexibility in using your school's term codes, assuming your terms can be expressed in a single, unique string. Like 2010F (for Fall of 2010), or something similar. Also, they need to sort chronologically.

If they don't, there are still options. Please read through that page (on Configuring term id structure), and let me know if you have more questions. It can be a little confusing, because I tried to make it as flexible as possible.

As for the default codes, I used ULM's system. The "40" at the end of the year means "Fall" for ULM. 60 means Spring. Then, there are "parts of terms" which get tacked on by the Banner Integration module with a colon. Ex: 201060:F. 80 means Summer for us.



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