5.x tinymce.module tinymce_config_form()
4.x tinymce.module tinymce_config_form()


modules/tinymce/tinymce.module, line 86
The TinyMCE module will init TinyMCE (the editor) on appropriate pages. This module is primarily for managing what those pages are.


function tinymce_config_form() {
  $form = array();

  $form["tinymce_include_on_paths"] = array(
    "label" => t("Include on paths:"),
    "type" => "textarea",
    "value" => variable_get("tinymce_include_on_paths", ""),
    "description" => t("Enter FlightPath paths, one per line, where
                      the TinyMCE plugin should be included.
                      Ex: comments
                      Wildcards are also allowed at the END of the path only.
                      Ex: content/* "),

  return $form;