5.x system.module system_perm()
4.x system.module system_perm()

Implementation of hook_perm(). Expects to return an array of permissions recognized by this module.

Ex: $a = array( "deCanDoSomething" => array ( "title" => "Can Do Something", "description" => "Allow the user to do something." ) );


modules/system/system.module, line 16


function system_perm() {

  $perms = array(
    "access_logged_in_content" => array(
      "title" => t("Access logged-in content"),
      "description" => t("This should be given to all authenticated users.  It simply means
                          the user is allowed to view the logged-in area of FlightPath."),
    "administer_modules" => array(
      "title" => t("Administer modules"),
      "description" => t("This will allow a user to install, enable, disable, and uninstall modules."),
    "run_cron" => array(
      "title" => t("Run Cron"),
      "description" => t("The user may run hook_cron functions at will. Causes a new menu link to appear
                          on the admin page."),
    "de_can_administer_system_settings" => array(
      "title" => t("Can administer system settings"),
      "description" => t("This allows the user to edit any of the FlightPath
                        system settings."),
    "de_can_administer_school_data" => array(
      "title" => t("Can administer school data"),
      "description" => t("This allows the user to edit the school data settings for FlightPath.
                          For example, describing college and subject codes."),
    "view_fpm_debug" => array(
      "title" => t("View debug output from the fpm() function"),
      "description" => t("The user may view debug output from the fpm() function.
                        Useful for developers."),
    "view_system_status" => array(
      "title" => t("View system status"),
      "description" => t("The user may view the update status and other requirements of the system."),
    "execute_php" => array(
      "title" => t("Execute PHP code"),
      "description" => t("WARNING: This is a very VERY powerful and DANGEROUS permission.  Only give it to
                       developers.  An 'Execute PHP' link will appear on the admin menu, which
                       lets the user execute any arbitrary PHP code."),

  return $perms;