5.x system.module system_init()
4.x system.module system_init()

Called on every page load.


modules/system/system.module, line 1796


function system_init() {
  // Let's see if the $user object (for the logged-in user) has been set up.
  global $user;
  $user = new stdClass();

  if ($_SESSION["fp_logged_in"] == TRUE) {
    // Make sure it doesn't have the anonymous user role (rid == 1).
    if ($_SESSION["fp_user_object"]->roles[1] == "anonymous user") {

    $user = $_SESSION["fp_user_object"];
    // To make sure we pick up the user's newest permissions, re-load 
    // the user here.

    $user = fp_load_user($user->id);

  else {
    // User is anonymous, so set it up as such.
    $user = fp_load_user(0);

  // Are we in maintenance mode?  If so, display a message.
  if (variable_get("maintenance_mode", FALSE)) {
    fp_add_message(t("FlightPath is currently undergoing routine maintenance.  
                      During this time, some data may appear incomplete.
                      We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience."), "status", TRUE);

  // Is there an urgent message to display?  
  $urgent_msg = variable_get("urgent_msg", "");
  if ($urgent_msg) {
    fp_add_message("<b>" . t("Important Message:") . "</b> " . $urgent_msg, "status", TRUE);

  // Add in our custom JS settings.
  fp_add_js(array("themeLocation" => fp_theme_location(), "currentStudentId" => $_REQUEST["current_student_id"], "basePath" => base_path()), "setting");
  fp_add_js(fp_get_module_path("system") . "/js/system.js");