5.x admin.module admin_urgent_message_form()
4.x admin.module admin_urgent_message_form()

Meant to be fed into "fp_system_settings_form()", this function returns an array which will automatically save values to our "variables" table.


modules/admin/admin.module, line 1113
The administrative configurations for FlightPath.


function admin_urgent_message_form() {
  $form = array();

  $form["mark" . $m++] = array(
    "type" => "markup",
    "value" => "<p>" . t("Any message you enter here will be displayed at the top of every page in the system. 
                  This is used to alert users that the system is about to be taken offline, or any other urgently-needed information.") . "</p>
                  <p>" . t("To delete this message, simple delete all the text in the box and save.") . "</p>",

  $form["urgent_msg"] = array(
    "type" => "textarea",
    "label" => "Urgent message:",
    "value" => variable_get("urgent_msg", ""),

  return $form;