GNU Affero General Public License - Explanation and Interpretation

Previous versions of FlightPath (published before November 2016) were released under the GNU GPL v3 License. All releases of FlightPath and any modules past this date are to be released under the GNU AGPL v3 License.


What can I do with the source code?

The GNU AGPL v3 License is an open source software license, which states (in a nutshell) that you are allowed download, modify, and redistribute FlightPath's source code at no cost, as long as it remains protected under the open source GNU AGPL v3 License (or any later version), and any changes you make are also released as GNU AGPL v3 or any later version.  Please read the full version for complete details.


AGPL Section 13 Interpretation:

Section 13 of the AGPL states that if you offer the protected software (FlightPath) on a remote server for users, and make modifications to the code, you must provide your original source code for public download.

Because most of FlightPath's users are likely to be universities and schools, we want to help clarify how we interpret AGPL for such use.  If you make changes to FlightPath, and make the modified software available to users within your organization (ex: faculty, students attending your university, etc) via a typical web server environment, we do not consider this a conveyance (only "propagation" as described in AGPL), and so you do not have to share your modifications. This exception applies whether you are a private or public university or other kind of school, and the use of FlightPath is within the scope of your educational mission.

However, if you transfer copies of the software to others, or if you intend to run a business or organization which offers FlightPath through a SaaS model to subscribers, including other institutions, schools, or businesses, this will be considered a conveyance.  Any code modifications you make, including to custom modules which are already publicly available (including on this site), you are required to make available for public download in an easy-to-find location and/or upon request.  Custom modules which are not otherwise distributed publicly are not required to be released, though they are encouraged to be!


We encourage you to give back!

If you have programmed a great new module, or found ways to improve FlightPath, please consider helping this project and giving back to the community!  Simply enter an Issue on the project page for either FlightPath or the module, or contact us using the Contact form.