241 calls to db_query()

admin_add_degree_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
Submit handler for the add_degree_form.
admin_add_degree_form_validate in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
Validate handler for add_degree_form
admin_apply_draft_changes_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.module
Handles the actual moving of draft courses into production.
admin_copy_degree_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
admin_copy_degree_form_validate in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
Validate handler. Make sure our allow_overwrite setting is working. Check for existing major code.
admin_cron in modules/admin/admin.module
admin_display_courses in modules/admin/admin.courses.inc
This function displays all of our courses for us to edit.
admin_display_degrees in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
admin_display_degrees_popup_add_group2 in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
admin_display_groups in modules/admin/admin.groups.inc
This function will display a list of all our groups.
admin_display_groups_popup_show_group_use in modules/admin/admin.groups.inc
Displays a popup showing where a particular group is being used in FlightPath.
admin_display_main in modules/admin/admin.module
This is the "main" page for the admin module. It's what the user first sees when the click to go to the Admin page.
admin_display_watchdog in modules/admin/admin.module
admin_display_watchdog_entry in modules/admin/admin.module
Display the details of a particular watchdog entry, specified by its table id.
admin_duplicate_year_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.module
This function should perform the actual copy of data!
admin_edit_course_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.courses.inc
admin_edit_degree_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
admin_edit_degree_form_validate in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
admin_edit_group_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.groups.inc
admin_edit_group_form_validate in modules/admin/admin.groups.inc
Validate handler for edit group form.
admin_get_course_array_from_definition_data in modules/admin/admin.groups.inc
admin_process_all_definitions_perform_batch_operation in modules/admin/admin.groups.inc
This actually is the batch operation for processing all of our group definitions.
advise_cron in modules/advise/advise.module
advise_display_history in modules/advise/advise.history.inc
Displays the history tab on screen.
advise_get_advisees in modules/advise/advise.module
advise_get_advising_sessions_for_advising_token in modules/advise/advise.module
Returns an array of advising session id's for the given advising token. Makes sure is_empty is 0 and is_draft is 0 Ordered by term_id DESC
advise_get_advising_session_from_advising_session_id in modules/advise/advise.module
Returns back the advising row from the database for a particular advising session id.
advise_get_advisors_for_student in modules/advise/advise.module
Similar to
advise_get_count_of_advised_course_for_term in modules/advise/advise.module
Returns back an integer of the number of times a particular course was advised (unique per student) for a certain term.
advise_get_count_of_enrolled_course_for_term in modules/advise/advise.module
Returns back an integer for the number of courses which a student was "enrolled" for a certain term. In this situation, we will not make sure the student is "active", since they may have since graduated or something.
advise_popup_display_summary in modules/advise/advise.history.inc
Displays the printable advising summary.
advise_user_can_view_advising_session_access_callback in modules/advise/advise.module
This is an access callback. Can the user view the advising session specified in the REQUEST?
alerts_get_alert_count_by_type in modules/alerts/alerts.module
Implements hook_get_count_for_alert_type
alerts_install in modules/alerts/alerts.install
Hook install. Called when the module is installed on the admin modules page.
alerts_update in modules/alerts/alerts.install
announcements_install in modules/announcements/announcements.install
Hook install. Called when the module is installed on the admin modules page.
announcements_update in modules/announcements/announcements.install
audit_comment_form_submit in modules/audit/audit.module
audit_get_approval_record in modules/audit/audit.module
audit_hidden_approval_form_submit in modules/audit/audit.module
audit_install in modules/audit/audit.install
Implementation of hook_install.
batch_ajax_callback in modules/batch/batch.module
This function is called by ajax, and will trigger each run of the batch operation function, then return appropriate results back to our javascript.
batch_cron in modules/batch/batch.module
Implementation of hook_cron
batch_get in modules/batch/batch.module
Return the batch_data array for this batch_id, or FALSE if it doesn't exist or can't be unserialized.
batch_install in modules/batch/batch.install
Implementation of hook_install.
batch_set in modules/batch/batch.module
Create a new batch process.
batch_start_batch_from_form_submit in modules/batch/batch.module
A batch process is being initiated from a form submission.
calendar_build_custom_calendar in modules/calendar/calendar.module
Actually renders the HTML for the calendar.
calendar_display_schedule_staff_page in modules/calendar/calendar.module
This page (primarily meant for students) is for quickly finding your advisor or professor or whomever, and finding their link to schedule an appointment with them.
calendar_find_and_remind_notify_upcoming_appointments in modules/calendar/calendar.module
This function will find appointments approaching within X number of minutes, and send out notifications to all involved.
calendar_get_appointments_for_faculty in modules/calendar/calendar.module
Return back a list of appointment content nodes for this faculty member, which fall between the specified datetimes.
calendar_get_upcoming_appointments_for_cwid in modules/calendar/calendar.module
Returns an array of upcoming appointments, where the user is specified by CWID. start_date and end_date is meant to be in UTC, in the form of Y-m-d
calendar_install in modules/calendar/calendar.install
Hook install. Called when the module is installed on the admin modules page.
calendar_update in modules/calendar/calendar.install
comments_comment_form_submit in modules/comments/comments.module
comments_cron in modules/comments/comments.module
comments_get_comment in modules/comments/comments.module
comments_get_comments in modules/comments/comments.module
Returns an array of comments for this student, sorted most recent first.
comments_perform_delete_comment in modules/comments/comments.module
"delete" a comment (actually, all we do is flag it as deleted)
content_add_new_uploaded_file in modules/content/content.module
bool_replace_existing means should we replace an existing file (based on filename) with this new one? Instead of creating an INSERT, that is.
content_content_load in modules/content/content.module
Implementation of content's hook_content_load
content_content_save in modules/content/content.module
Implements hook_content_save. We will save the content object to the database.
content_cron in modules/content/content.module
content_get_content_for_faculty_id in modules/content/content.module
This function will look for content (in the content tables) for a field called field__faculty_id, and return an array of fully loaded content objects.
content_get_last_access in modules/content/content.module
Returns the timestamp of last access, or ZERO if never accessed
content_get_uploaded_file in modules/content/content.module
content_install in modules/content/content.install
Hook install. Called when the module is installed on the admin modules page.
content_public_files_form in modules/content/content.module
This screen lets the user upload/manage/delete "public files" stored at custom/files/content_uploads/public_uploads/
content_render_content in modules/content/content.module
Return the HTML rendering the content we have in the database.
content_set_last_access in modules/content/content.module
Sets the content_last_access timestamp for this user and content. Should be called whenever a "content" node is viewed by the user.
content_update in modules/content/content.install
course_search_display_courses in modules/course_search/course_search.module
Show the user their select of courses.
course_search_display_edit_courses in modules/course_search/course_search.edit.inc
Display a plain list of courses, making it easier for admins to edit schedules and details in one spot.
course_search_display_search in modules/course_search/course_search.module
Displays the search pulldown for the user to use to find courses.
course_search_download_syllabus in modules/course_search/course_search.module
This function will actually deliver a syllabus to the user's browser for download.
course_search_edit_course_details_form in modules/course_search/course_search.edit.inc
This form lets the user edit the course's syllabus or rotation schedule
course_search_edit_course_details_form_submit in modules/course_search/course_search.edit.inc
course_search_get_course_capacity in modules/course_search/course_search.module
course_search_get_course_rotation_schedule in modules/course_search/course_search.module
course_search_get_course_rotation_schedule_not_anticipated in modules/course_search/course_search.module
course_search_get_course_syllabus_details in modules/course_search/course_search.module
course_search_install in modules/course_search/course_search.install
Implementation of hook_install
course_search_update in modules/course_search/course_search.install
Implements hook_update
course_search_upload_attachment in modules/course_search/course_search.edit.inc
DatabaseHandler::duplicate_advising_session in classes/DatabaseHandler.php
Given an advising_session_id, create a duplicate of it as a new session_id (and return the new session_id).
DatabaseHandler::get_course_db_row in classes/DatabaseHandler.php
Returns an object from db query for a row we find with matching course_id, from the most recent catalog year.
DatabaseHandler::get_school_id_for_course_id in classes/DatabaseHandler.php
DatabaseHandler::get_school_id_for_degree_id in classes/DatabaseHandler.php
DatabaseHandler::get_school_id_for_faculty_id in classes/DatabaseHandler.php
DatabaseHandler::get_school_id_for_group_id in classes/DatabaseHandler.php
DatabaseHandler::get_school_id_for_student_id in classes/DatabaseHandler.php
DatabaseHandler::get_school_id_for_transfer_course_id in classes/DatabaseHandler.php
DatabaseHandler::get_school_id_for_user_id in classes/DatabaseHandler.php
db_get_cwid_from_user_id in includes/db.inc
db_get_user_id in includes/db.inc
Look up the user_id based on the the user_name. Returns FALSE if it cannot find it.
db_get_user_id_from_cwid in includes/db.inc
db_get_user_id_from_email in includes/db.inc
db_get_user_id_from_user_name in includes/db.inc
db_query_range in includes/db.inc
Adds a simple LIMIT statement to a query. Adapted from Drupal 6: https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/includes%21database.mysql.inc/function...
db_set_user_setting in includes/db.inc
db_table_exists in includes/db.inc
Returns TRUE if the table specified exists or not.
DegreePlan::get_available_tracks in classes/DegreePlan.php
Returns a simple array with values seperated by " ~~ " in this order: track_code ~~ track_title ~~ trackDesc ~~ track's degree id
DegreePlan::load_degree_plan_ancillary in classes/DegreePlan.php
Loads the "ancillary" information about our degree plan, including advising weight, track selection config, etc.
engagements_can_send_sms_to_number in modules/engagements/engagements.module
engagements_create_new_tracking_img_url in modules/engagements/engagements.module
Generates a URL to our tracking pixel, based on the cid included.
engagements_display_main in modules/engagements/engagements.module
displays the main Engagements tab, which shows the history of past engagements.
engagements_get_alert_count_by_type in modules/engagements/engagements.module
Implements hook_get_count_for_alert_type
engagements_get_sms_from_history in modules/engagements/engagements.module
engagements_get_users_to_be_notified_for_sms_on_number in modules/engagements/engagements.module
Returns an array of all the user who should receive notifications when we receive an SMS at a particular number.
engagements_handle_incoming_sms in modules/engagements/engagements.module
This catches incoming sms messages from POST, but can also be used by our "sms_get_all_messages" function, but it is also used by the sms_get_all_messages to save/update information.
engagements_handle_sms_stop in modules/engagements/engagements.module
This function is called by engagements_handle_incoming_sms, when we receive 'STOP' from the user. We must add them to our "sms_do_not_txt" table, and send a reply letting them know how to re-subscribe in the future.
engagements_handle_sms_unstop in modules/engagements/engagements.module
User opted-IN to receiving txt messages.
engagements_handle_tracking_pixel_request in modules/engagements/engagements.module
The user has opened an email with a tracking pixel. We will now record that it was opened in our engagements_tracking table.
engagements_install in modules/engagements/engagements.install
Hook install. Called when the module is installed on the admin modules page.
engagements_mass_sms_perform_batch_operation in modules/engagements/engagements.module
engagements_send_sms_to_number in modules/engagements/engagements.module
Actually send a text message. Will drupal_set_message() as an error if there is a problem, and return FALSE. Returns TRUE on success, no drupal_set_message is printed.
engagements_sms_get_all_messages in modules/engagements/engagements.module
Retrieve all messages, update the ones which don't have prices associated with them yet.
engagements_update in modules/engagements/engagements.install
FlightPath::load_advising_session_from_database in classes/FlightPath.php
FlightPath::save_advising_session_from_post in classes/FlightPath.php
fp_get_degree_advising_weight in includes/db.inc
fp_get_degree_major_code in includes/db.inc
Returns the major code for a given degree_id
fp_get_degree_title in includes/db.inc
Quick method to look up title for a degree.
fp_get_faculty_email in includes/db.inc
fp_get_max_catalog_repeats_for_course in includes/db.inc
Figure out the maximum number of times this course can be repeated for credit, based on what is stored in the course catalog.
fp_get_module_details in includes/misc.inc
Simply returns the module's row from the modules table, if it exists.
fp_get_permissions_for_role in includes/db.inc
fp_get_student_email in includes/db.inc
fp_load_user in includes/db.inc
Returns back a user object for this user_id. If the user is not found in the users table, it will return NULL. If the user_id requested is 0, the anonymous user object is returned.
fp_rebuild_modules_list in includes/db.inc
Re-query the modules table and re-add to our global array.
Group::load_descriptive_data in classes/Group.php
Group::load_group in classes/Group.php
Group::replace_missing_course in classes/Group.php
hook_apply_draft_changes in includes/hook.api.php
Allows modules to execute code when the admin user has chose to "apply draft changes".
hook_clear_cache in includes/hook.api.php
Allows each module to perform actions when the cache is cleared.
hook_get_alert_count_by_type in includes/hook.api.php
This will allow modules to add to the "count" for alerts, that generally would trigger a notification badge on the bell at the top-right of the screen.
hook_install in includes/hook.api.php
This hook will be executed the first time a module is enabled in the system.
hook_submit in includes/hook.api.php
Handle submissions from the Form API
hook_uninstall in includes/hook.api.php
This hook will be executed when a module is "uninstalled" in the system. Once a module is disabled, an "uninstall" link will appear.
hook_update in includes/hook.api.php
Handle needed database updates when user updates a module.
install_perform_install in ./install.php
Actually performs the installation of FlightPath
lassie_check in modules/lassie/lassie.module
Check to see if an email needs to be sent regarding this job.
lassie_check_all in modules/lassie/lassie.module
Check all of the jobs we are currently waiting on.
lassie_finish in modules/lassie/lassie.module
Tell Lassie that we have finished the job.
masquerade_form_submit in modules/masquerade/masquerade.module
The submit handler for masquerade_form.
menu_get_item in includes/menu.inc
Figure out which menu_router path matches the supplied path and return it.
menu_get_items_beginning_with in includes/menu.inc
Return menu_items whose path begins with the menu_root. Ex: "tools" would return tools/fun and tools/here/there
menu_get_items_in_tab_family in includes/menu.inc
menu_get_menu_router_item_from_db in includes/menu.inc
Return array from menu_router for this item. *
menu_rebuild_cache in includes/menu.inc
Go through all installed modules and rebuild the menu_router table, based on each module's hook_menu function.
notify_install in modules/notify/notify.install
notify_save_notification in modules/notify/notify.module
Actually writes our notification to our notification_history table.
notify_update in modules/notify/notify.install
pager_query in includes/db.inc
Code adapted from Drupal 6: https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/includes%21pager.inc/function/pager_qu...
prereqs_edit_course_form_submit in modules/prereqs/prereqs.module
Our submit handler.
prereqs_form_alter in modules/prereqs/prereqs.module
Implements hook_form_alter
prereqs_get_prereq_string_for_course in modules/prereqs/prereqs.module
Just gets whatever is in the database for this course.
prereqs_install in modules/prereqs/prereqs.install
prereqs_update in modules/prereqs/prereqs.install
schools_administer_schools_form in modules/schools/schools.module
schools_administer_schools_form_submit in modules/schools/schools.module
schools_check_access in modules/schools/schools.module
this is our custom access callback.
schools_data_form_submit in modules/schools/schools.module
schools_get_school_definitions in modules/schools/schools.module
schools_get_school_id_for_user in modules/schools/schools.module
schools_get_school_id_from_school_code in modules/schools/schools.module
schools_install in modules/schools/schools.install
Implements hook_install
stats_draw_catalog_year_pulldown in modules/stats/stats.module
Return the HTML for a pulldown containing the catalog years available for selection.
stats_draw_majors_pulldown in modules/stats/stats.module
Display a major selection pulldown, used by other reports.
stats_get_log_count in modules/stats/stats.module
Used by the use_summary report. This function will simply return log counts for the specified parameters in the watchdog table.
stats_report_access_stats in modules/stats/stats.module
This report shows recent activity in FlightPath. It can also be used to see if anyone is "online" in that they would have activity less than 5 minutes old.
stats_report_advisor_use in modules/stats/stats.module
This report shows which advisors are using FlightPath most often.
stats_report_course_use_summary in modules/stats/stats.module
This report will display everywhere a particular course is used in FlightPath (groups and degrees)
stats_report_major_counts in modules/stats/stats.module
This report shows how many students are in each major.
stats_report_major_students_progress_perform_batch_operation in modules/stats/reports.major-students-progress.inc
This is the actual batch process function which gets called per run of the batch.
Student::load_test_scores in classes/Student.php
Student::load_unassignments in classes/Student.php
Student::__construct in classes/Student.php
student_files_get_files_for_student in modules/student_files/student_files.module
Return an array of the files which belong to this student.
student_files_handle_delete in modules/student_files/student_files.module
student_files_handle_upload in modules/student_files/student_files.module
Handles the upload of a file which we assume is located at $_FILES["student_file_upload_file"], or the provided $file array.
student_files_install in modules/student_files/student_files.install
Implementation of hook_install
student_files_update in modules/student_files/student_files.install
student_priority_get_academic_priority_value in modules/student_priority/student_priority.module
Queries for the academic priority value, and if its older than the set number of seconds, we will re-calculate for this student. Set to zero to force it to recalculate every time.
student_priority_get_calculations_for_student in modules/student_priority/student_priority.module
Run all of the calculations for a student, and return back the results in a formatted array.
student_search_display_majors_search in modules/student_search/student_search.module
Display the majors search sub-tab, where we can select a major and see the students assigned to it.
student_search_get_majors_for_fapi in modules/student_search/student_search.module
Returns an array of majors from the database, suitable for use with our Form API.
student_search_query_advisees in modules/student_search/student_search.module
The limit is how many we will query, and also how many will appear on the page at one time.
system_confirm_db_updates_form_submit in modules/system/system.module
Perform the actual hook_update calls here, send the user to a completed page.
system_cron in modules/system/system.module
Implementation of hook_cron
system_disable_module in modules/system/system.module
Handles the disabling of the module in question.
system_display_dashboard_page in modules/system/system.module
This is the "dashboard" page for FlightPath, which replaces the "main" page from FP 5.
system_enable in modules/system/system.install
Implementation of hook_enable.
system_enable_module in modules/system/system.module
Handles the enabling (and possible installation) of module.
system_get_roles_for_user in modules/system/system.module
Return an array containing the roles which have been assigned to a specific user.
system_handle_uninstall_module in modules/system/system.module
Called from the menu (ie, a URL) this function will uninstall a module.
system_install in modules/system/system.install
Implementation of hook_install.
system_login_form_validate in modules/system/system.module
Validate function for the login form. This is where we will do all of the lookups to verify username and password. If you want to write your own login handler (like for LDAP) this is the function you would duplicate in a custom module, then use…
system_modules_form in modules/system/system.module
This is the form which an admin may use to manage the modules in the system.
system_perform_db_updates_perform_batch_operation in modules/system/system.module
Performs db updates ONE module at a time.
system_perform_user_login in modules/system/system.module
Actually performs the logging in of a user with user_id.
system_reload_and_cache_course_inventory in modules/system/system.module
Formerly part of the FlightPath class, this function will read in or reload the course inventory into a file, which then goes into the SESSION to make it faster to access.
system_school_data_form in modules/system/system.module
This form is for the school-data, like subject code descriptions, colleges, etc.
system_school_data_form_validate in modules/system/system.module
Validate handler for the school_data_form.
system_update in modules/system/system.install
user_display_users in modules/user/user.module
Display our list of faculty/staff users in the system.
user_edit_student_user_form in modules/user/user.student.inc
Let the user edit a studentuser's information.
user_edit_student_user_form_submit in modules/user/user.student.inc
Submit handler for editing student users.
user_edit_student_user_form_validate in modules/user/user.student.inc
Validate handler for editing student users.
user_edit_user_advisees_form in modules/user/user.module
This form lets us populate the advisor_student table
user_edit_user_advisees_form_submit in modules/user/user.module
Save to the advisor_student table
user_edit_user_form in modules/user/user.module
Let the user edit a user's roles and other information.
user_edit_user_form_submit in modules/user/user.module
Submit handler for our edit faculty form
user_edit_user_form_validate in modules/user/user.module
Validate handler for editing faculty users.
user_get_attribute in modules/user/user.module
Very similar to variable_get
user_get_role_name in modules/user/user.module
Simple function to return the human-readable name for a role, by rid.
user_get_setting in modules/user/user.module
Very similar to variable_get
user_list_filter_form in modules/user/user.module
user_permissions_form in modules/user/user.module
This is the permissions form, where users can set which roles have which permissions.
user_permissions_form_submit in modules/user/user.module
Submit handler for the permissions form.
user_set_attribute in modules/user/user.module
Very similar to variable_set
user_set_setting in modules/user/user.module
Very similar to variable_set
user_student_edit_student_courses_form in modules/user/user.student.inc
This is the form which we will use to manage a student's courses they've taken.
user_student_edit_student_courses_form_submit in modules/user/user.student.inc
user_student_edit_student_courses_form_validate in modules/user/user.student.inc
user_student_list_filter_form in modules/user/user.student.inc
user_user_roles_form in modules/user/user.module
This form allows the user to manage the roles in the system.
user_user_roles_form_submit in modules/user/user.module
user_user_settings_form_submit in modules/user/user.module
Save values from our settings form into the user_settings table (or other tables), as appropriate.
user_user_settings_form_validate in modules/user/user.module
Needed if we are trying to change password.
variable_delete in includes/db.inc
Remove a variable entirely from the table
variable_exists in includes/db.inc
Returns TRUE or FALSE if the variable exists in the variables table.
variable_get in includes/db.inc
Get a variable from the database. We will first look in our GLOBALS array, to see that it hasn't already been retrieved this page load.
variable_set in includes/db.inc
Set a variable value, so we can retrieve it later on.
watchdog in includes/db.inc
Add a log entry to the watchdog (log) table.
z__admin_display_watchdog in modules/admin/admin.module
Displays recent watchdog entries, from the watchdog table
z__course_search_get_offering_csv in modules/course_search/course_search.edit.inc
z__fp_get_system_settings in includes/db.inc
z__schools_admin_copy_degree_form_validate in modules/schools/schools.module
z__stats_report_selected_degree_options in modules/stats/stats.module
This report will show which degree options are being selected for degrees which offer options.
__schools_add_school_id_to_fp5_tables in modules/schools/schools.module