FlightPath 4.x-4.0

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First full release of FlightPath as an open source project (though, it's been in constant production use at ULM for 6 years ;)

Updated system.install to create a better transfer_eqv table, made term_id a varchar instead of int.

Updated _Course.php to fix some documentation issues, and removed a check for valid_term_id in the load_descriptive_transfer_data function.

Updated _Student.php so that we do not require a match on valif_term_id when looking for transfer eqv's.

Added a new report to the Stats module, to show all of a student's courses, and cleaned up the source code for that module, removing old code and adding comments.

Added descriptions to most of the core's menu items which appear on the admin page.

Updated system.install to handle changes to the students table.

Updated student_search module to use the is_active field in the students table by default as
its "extra student search conditions". Updated the system settings form to reflect that
as well.

Added is_active field the the students table, and as such modified the system.install file
to include that change.