Grades of 'P' not usable for substituions

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Grades of 'P' not usable for substituions

We have a grade of ‘P’ which we use for students that test out of certain courses. They can then be substituted for degree required courses. EX: General studies degree requires English 1001. The student has a big ACT score in English, Therefore the student is allowed to get credit for English 1001 with a grade of P. When we import the students courses, The course appears in the excess course list with a grade of P and no credit hours. The course does not show up in the list to substitute.

If what I typed makes any since, please advise on what I am missing.


Sure thing.

While we don't have local courses at our school like that, we do accept transfer credits with grades of "P" or "CR" (for credit).

Let me ask you this: does the course have any hours associated with it, or is it zero hours?

Also, have you added "P" to the list of grades in the settings, which qualify for completed grades?

Go to the school settings admin page, and look at the "D or Better", "C or Better", etc. fields. (See attached screenshot)

In order for FlightPath to understand that they are usable grades, the grade must be listed as at least a D or Better (meaning, the student passed the course), though we list them in all of the categories. These settings are how FlightPath determines which grades are "better" than other ones, for satisfying min grade requirements, for example, but also for telling if the student passed the course at all.

If you haven't already, try adding the grade there. You may need to clear your advising cache (or log out and back in) before you will see the changes on the degree plan.

Let me know if it still isn't working for you.

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Putting P in the 'D' and above worked. Thanks

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