FlightPath 4.x-4.4.1

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New features
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Added the ability for FlightPath to calculate cumulative hours and GPA on the fly, instead of
relying on what is in the database.

Added new settings to the School data settings form, for configuring what quality points each grade
is worth, as well as enabling the on-the-fly calculations for hours and gpa.

Moved more settings from the System Settings form to the School Data form.

Made variable_get and variable_set more efficient by taking advantage of a global variable for caching.

Tweaked advise.js, to reducee the hour options for subs if they are already decimals (just use
manual for that)

Added a new function, fp_truncate_decimals(), which lets gives you back a float with a truncated
number of decimals, instead of rounded (as number_format does).

Added the ability for modules to require that FlightPath core be a certain version. In the
.info file, use "requires core version = 4.5", for example. If the user is not running that version
for FlightPath core or higher, they will not be able to enable the module from the modules page, and
a warning will be displayed next to the module's listing.

Tweaked wording on user form for students, to make it clear that the cumulative hours and gpa
might be getting replaced if you have that set.

Fixed display bug where, for some transfer courses, an eqv might show up more than once
in the popup window.

Tweaked math that splits substitutions. If a split happens for certain decimals, the
result isn't expected. For example, 2.001 - 2 should equal "0.001" Instead, we get
"0.000099999999". This is due to binary math. So, I added a round() statement, which rounds
to the 5th decimal point, which should be sufficient, since the database only allows for 4 decimal
points anyway.

Also tweaked javascript in advise.js to not show substitution hour selections if we're dealing with
a course with decimals to begin with-- only give them "Max (Default)" or "Manual" selections.