fp_render_square_lineincludes/theme.incWill draw a string in a pretty square box. Used for displaying semester titles.
fp_render_sub_tab_arrayincludes/theme.incSimilar to render_tab_array.
fp_render_tab_arrayincludes/theme.incGiven a propperly formatted tab_array, this will return the HTML to draw it on a page.
fp_screen_is_mobileincludes/misc.incThis function will attempt to determine automatically if we are on a mobile device, and should therefor use the mobile theme and layout settings.
fp_set_page_sub_tabsincludes/misc.incAllows the programmer to define subtabs at the top of the page.
fp_set_page_tabsincludes/misc.incIf this function is called, it will override any other page tabs which might be getting constructed. This lets the programmer, at run-time, completely control what tabs are at the top of the page.
fp_set_titleincludes/misc.incAllows the programmer to set the title of the page, overwriting any default title.
fp_show_titleincludes/theme.incSets whether the title should be shown on the page or not.
fp_theme_locationincludes/theme.incReturn the theme location
fp_tokenincludes/misc.incReturns back the site's "token", which is a simply md5 of some randomness. It is used primarily with forms, to ensure against cross-site forgeries. The site's token gets saved to the variables table, for later use. The idea is…
fp_truncate_decimalsincludes/misc.incThis simple function will take a number and truncate the number of decimals to the requested places. This can be used in place of number_format(), which *rounds* numbers.
fp_urlincludes/misc.incThis function will take a path, ex: "admin/config/module" and a query, ex: "nid=5&whatever=yes" And join them together, respecting whether or not clean URL's are enabled.
get_global_database_handlerincludes/misc.incThis method will return a globally-set DatabaseHandler object, creating it if it does not already exist. This is for efficiency reasons, so every module or method does not need to keep creating databasehandler objects (and re-connecting to the database).
get_modules_menusincludes/misc.incSimilar to get_modules_permissions, this will scan through all installed modules' hook_menu() functions, and assemble an array which is sorted by "location" and then by "weight".
get_modules_permissionsincludes/misc.incThis function will read through all the modules' permissions and return back an array. Specifically, it retrieves arrays from each modules' hook_perm() function.
get_shorter_catalog_year_rangeincludes/misc.incThis is used usually when being viewed by a mobile device. It will shorten a catalog year range of 2008-2009 to just "08-09" or "2008-09" or even "09-2009".
get_term_descriptionincludes/misc.incConvert a term ID into a description. Ex: 20095 = Spring of 2009.
get_term_id_suffixesincludes/misc.incThis looks at the global termIDStructure setting and returns back an array of only term suffixes (like 40, 60, mm, etc).
get_term_structuresincludes/misc.incReturn an array version of the term_id_structure field from the admin settings
hook_advise_build_screen_elementsmodules/advise/advise.moduleThis is a hook which developers may use to add custom blocks (or perform other operations) onto the advising View or What If screen.
hook_blocksmodules/blocks/blocks.moduleExample of hook_blocks.
hook_clear_cacheincludes/hook.api.phpAllows each module to perform actions when the cache is cleared.
hook_content_loadmodules/content/content.moduleSample hook for hook_content_load
hook_content_register_content_typemodules/content/content.moduleSample hook other modules implement to register a content type.
hook_cronincludes/hook.api.phpThis hook is called every time the system cron is run.
hook_disableincludes/hook.api.phpThis hook will be executed when a module is disabled in the system.
hook_enableincludes/hook.api.phpThis hook will be executed when a module is enabled in the system. It will be executed AFTER hook_install.
hook_exitincludes/hook.api.phpAllows each module to execute code when the FlightPath page is completely finished.
hook_form_alterincludes/hook.api.phpAlter forms which are created using the Form API
hook_initincludes/hook.api.phpAllows each module to execute code when the module is first loaded.
hook_installincludes/hook.api.phpThis hook will be executed the first time a module is enabled in the system.
hook_menuincludes/hook.api.phpAllows modules to specify valid URLs in FlightPath, and define what function to call when the user visits that URL.
hook_menu_handle_replacement_patternincludes/hook.api.phpThis hook is called by the menu system. It allows each module the change to replace string patterns in its menu items (defined in hook_menu).
hook_permincludes/hook.api.phpThis hook defines available permissions for a module. These perms are used with hook_menu() and the function user_has_permission()
hook_render_blockmodules/blocks/blocks.moduleExample of hook_render_block
hook_save_advising_sessionincludes/hook.api.phpThis hook allows modules to perform extra functions just after an advising session is saved by the system.
hook_statusincludes/hook.api.phpReports status information which each module is aware of, visible on admin/config/status.
hook_student_loadincludes/hook.api.phpAllows modules to hook in after a new student object is created.
hook_submitincludes/hook.api.phpHandle submissions from the Form API
hook_uninstallincludes/hook.api.phpThis hook will be executed when a module is "uninstalled" in the system. Once a module is disabled, an "uninstall" link will appear.
hook_updateincludes/hook.api.phpHandle needed database updates when user updates a module.
hook_user_loginincludes/hook.api.phpPerform actions when the user logs in successfully.
hook_validateincludes/hook.api.phpValidates form submissions from the Form API
include_moduleincludes/misc.incThis will find and include the module in question, calling it's hook_init() function if it has one.
include_module_installincludes/misc.incFind and include the module's .install file, if it exists. Returns TRUE or FALSE if it was able to find & include the file.
install_check_requirements./install.phpCheck for missing requirements of the system.