example_helper_display_hello_world_pagecustom/modules/example_helper/example_helper.moduleDisplay our Hello World page to the user.
example_helper_initcustom/modules/example_helper/example_helper.moduleImplementation of "hook_init".
example_helper_menucustom/modules/example_helper/example_helper.moduleImplementation of hook_menu
filter_markupincludes/misc.incFilter HTML, allowing only certain tags, and removing dangerous attributes.
filter_xssincludes/misc.incThis function is taken almost directly from Drupal 7's core code. It is used to help us filter out dangerous HTML which the user might type. From the D7 documentation:
filter_xss_splitincludes/misc.incLike the filter_xss function, this is taken from D7's _filter_xss_split function
format_dateincludes/theme.incFormat a timestamp using the date command. TODO: Make the formats something which can be controlled through the settings.
form_basic_validateincludes/forms.incThis is a very basic valiator for form API submission. All I really care about is making sure required fields have a value in them. If they do not, we will file a form_error.
form_errorincludes/forms.incRegister a form_error in the SESSION.
form_field_sort_compare_by_weightincludes/forms.incThis function is meant to be used by the uasort command, to help re-order a form array based on each element's weight value. If weight is blank, it is assumed to be 0 (zero).
form_has_errorsincludes/forms.incReturns TRUE or FALSE if there have been errors for this form submission (We will just look in the SESSION to find out).
fpmincludes/misc.incUses fp_add_message, but in this case, it also adds in the filename and line number which the message came from!
fp_add_body_classincludes/misc.incAdd a CSS class to the body tag of the page. Useful for themeing later on.
fp_add_cssincludes/misc.incAdd an extra CSS file to the page with this function. Ex: fp_add_css(fp_get_module_path("admin") . '/css/admin.css');
fp_add_jsincludes/misc.incAdd extra javascript to the page.
fp_add_messageincludes/misc.incAdd a "message" to the top of the screen. Useful for short messages like "You have been logged out" or "Form submitted successfully."
fp_build_sub_tab_arrayincludes/theme.incCreate a "sub-tab" array, which looks like a standard tab_array, but it contains only this page's sub-tab siblings.
fp_build_tab_arrayincludes/theme.incLooks at the current page array and returns a valid $tab_array Meant for the top of the screen.
fp_clear_cacheincludes/misc.incCall all modules which implement hook_clear_cache
fp_debug_ctincludes/misc.incShortcut to fp_debug_current_time_millis()
fp_debug_current_time_millisincludes/misc.incWhen called repeatedly, this function will display a message along with a milisecond count out to the side. Very useful for developers to time function calls or queries, to see how long they are taking.
fp_display_pageincludes/theme.incOutput the contents of the $page variable to the screen. $page is an array containing details about the page, as well as its original menu item (router_item) definition.
fp_get_faculty_nameincludes/db.incReturns the faculty member's name based on the ID provided.
fp_get_formincludes/forms.incThis function gets the form array, where the callback is the same as form_id. It will also look for modules which may want to alter the form, using hook_form_alter, and go ahead and apply that.
fp_get_js_alert_linkincludes/misc.incCreates a javascript "alert" link, which tells the user some message with javascript alert().
fp_get_js_confirm_linkincludes/misc.incCreates a javascript "confirm" link, so when clicked it asks the user a question, then proceeds if they select OK. The main reason I want to do this is so I can pass the $question through my t() function. (do it when you call this function)
fp_get_js_prompt_linkincludes/misc.incCreates a javascript "prompt" link, which will ask the user a question.
fp_get_machine_readableincludes/misc.incSimple function to convert a string into a machine-readable string.
fp_get_module_detailsincludes/misc.incSimply returns the module's row from the modules table, if it exists.
fp_get_module_pathincludes/misc.incReturn the filepath to the module
fp_gotoincludes/misc.incRedirect the user's browser to the specified internal path + query.
fp_html_print_rincludes/misc.incSimilar to print_r, this will return an HTML-friendly click-to-open system similar in design to Krumo.
fp_http_requestincludes/misc.incSend a request through the Internet and return the result as an object.
fp_load_userincludes/db.incReturns back a user object for this user_id. If the user is not found in the users table, it will return NULL. If the user_id requested is 0, the anonymous user object is returned.
fp_number_padincludes/misc.incSimple function to left padd numbers with 0's. 1 becomes 001 20 becomes 020 and so on.
fp_rebuild_modules_listincludes/db.incRe-query the modules table and re-add to our global array.
fp_reduce_whitespaceincludes/misc.incSimple helper function to reduce whitespace (like double-spaces)
fp_render_buttonincludes/theme.incReturns the HTML to draw a pretty button.
fp_render_currently_advising_boxincludes/theme.incDraws the CurrentlyAdvisingBox which appears at the top of the screen, containing the student's information like name, major, etc.
fp_render_curved_lineincludes/theme.incWill draw a string in a pretty curved box. Used for displaying semester titles.
fp_render_c_fieldsetincludes/theme.incThis function will return the HTML to contruct a collapsible fieldset, complete with javascript and style tags.
fp_render_formincludes/forms.incRender the form array from the callback to the screen, and set the form to save itself in our default submit handler. Valid form_types are: "system_settings" => values automatically saved to variables table. "normal" or BLANK…
fp_render_form_elementincludes/forms.incReturns the HTML to render this form element to the screen. $name is the HTML machine name. $element is an array containing all we need to render it. If you want default values to be taken from the SESSION (because we had form_errors, say, and…
fp_render_greetingincludes/theme.incThis displays a friendly message to the user, and provides a logout link at the top.
fp_render_menu_blockincludes/theme.incRender a "menu" block of menu items which are all rooted at the menu_root. So if the menu root is tools, it might return items whose paths look like: tools/fun tools/here/there So long as the menu type is "MENU_TYPE_NORMAL_ITEM". …